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This is what makes CHIEFS different Mpho, we are identical with ourselves. Somebody is probably wanting to sign Jessica Motaung right now....hehehehe

was away for a while, only to come back to this?

my eyes!!

Enklek this kit is not bad jitas..stop being jelaz awu......
wow! i'm so shocked and dissapointed, i think nike has just took out the glamour in the glamour boyz!!!!

Really?? so you buying it?

 its not bad mara

Who is the dude behind Yende?

Very shocking... I'm not gonna buy this either!!! For the !st time in the history of the team, Kaizer fambled!


For the first time...hehehehehhee dude this team fumbles all the time

Yeah! I agree but this time is worse.... We must boycot it!


yellow zebra's he he he
Gold & Black, this is the best kit ever, this is the CHIEFS I know



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