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Chippa had to come to the PSL. Somebody needed to make Black Leopards look good.

You see? Mr Thidiela is not that bad. 

Chippa holds the record now. 

hehehehe hayi I arrest my case, chippa is the disgrace to the blacks. his team is like a spazza shop and he has taken all the light from Swahombe.

hehehehe words say Cohen was fired via a comment on his very same tweet post. Following the sacking of coach Farouk Abrahams, Cohen immediately took to Twitter and said: "What a f*cking Joke!". Management immediately twitted back: "u r so f*ck*n fired!".

hahahahahahahahaha the Cohen dude was starting to think that he is a star while he is one who contributed to them being where they are at the moment, he deserved it 

Chippa is a man who knows what he wants and if that is not delivered he will not hesitate to give you the boot. Big up to Chippa



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