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Really? I thought Farouk was doing well for them!

I don't know how you define well in this instance?

The team started scoring goals and collecting points (albeit mostly draws). There was a good sign that with time Farouk was going to get them up the log.

hehehehehe Chilli Boss gave the word 'Well' a new meaning. Well means not enough...

Brokey is lying Mugeyi is not fired

hehehehehe I too did not believe it at first

Hehehe, did they hire the wrong twin?

add Phumelelo Bhengo on your list

hahahaha Bhengu was fired just after a week of putting pen to paper. Ink had hardly dried on paper when he was fired

What is this that I hear of Bhengu? He signed two weeks ago and now even before the league resumes he is deemed surplus to requirements. 

This Chippa dude is taking confusion to virgin levels

Chippa is an idot... Period...

Mara this Chippa guy...he also fired the captain whom he gave the Golf6 GTI nt so long ago...seriously now Mr Mpengesi.





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