A couple consults a Sex doctor as the man can't have an erection.

After many tests they discovered the cause...

The wife was washing her husband's underwear with...Stay Soft!

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hehehehehe.... you are naughty wena... hahahaha
and it stayed soft? hahahahahahahahahahahah
Hehehe you once said when you are bored you are up to no good, are bored again today?
Haaa haaa finished all my work for the week so u take a guess.
u know i did see that u are mad,but i was not expacting it could be this way
Hehehe... From now on I'm going to use gun powder to wash mine

Sincerely yours
TeamKickOff Captain
hehehehe yours will explode when you pull the trigger hehehehehe
Like a Swati Gal?
You once said Swati Gals are e bomb in bed?
Explosion happens when there are bombs andithi?
Hehehe... What???

Sincerely yours
TeamKickOff Captain sure some of the guys dont find this funny,,hahah
Heeeeh hhheee why you think so Pearl...
Is there something you know about some of the guys in here that we don't know?
Please name and shame Pearl.



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