Is Barca on the brink of failing to defend both the Spanish La Liga and the Uefa Champions League tittles. Though I'm not a Barcelona fan but I was convinced that they were going to defend the Uefa CL trophy for the first time in footbal history, but after last night game at the San Siro It looks like it's game over for Barca, do you think they can turn the tables around at Camp Nou?

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3-0 in Camp Nou... the players were tired of that bus trip cos of the airplanes not flying
Prof did you listen to the media briefing before the game started yesterday, did you hear what Barca coach said? he said he will not use the bus trip as a scapegoat should barca lose the match so that's an invalid excuse.
Eish I so wish Mourinho's team get thru but with Barca u may neva know hey, they can turn the tables around...

Yesterday's game reminded me that Messi aint a supa human. Hes jus a playa who has done what was done before.
Yes Trevor , but did u see the team in the first half? Everyone was just tired.
This warrants Sekolumoto's appearance on TKO to come and post a discussion about the "Special One"... Murinho...

Hehehe... Guys ,trust the special one to beat Barca @ Camp Nou ... regardless... Inter is not Arsenal...there will be no Messi around to destroy Inter.....
I cant waite for the second leg although in football anything is possible especially when u have Messi in your team
It seems like most coaches are now adopting Joel Santana'a tactics, which coach in his sane mind would do what Pep Guardiola did when it comes to substitutions? How can he take out a striker (Zlatan) and replace him with a defender (Abidal) knowing well that he is playing against defensive Inter while Barca was desperately looking for a goal, Henry should start looking for a new team because it's clear that he is not the coach's favourate player.
Henry for me is slow - u need a fast striker
There were speculations that he might be going to the Major League when his contract ends with Barca
The bus ride really had an effect on the guys honestly.

Their defense was shocking and their gay jerseys?? How do you expect to beat Italian men wearing pink stuff? atleast if they were playing against a French team.

Hehehe... They are not so invinsible after all

Sincerely yours
TeamKickOff Captain
hehehe...wa lwala wena... pink =feminine= gay...LOL!
the kit is light orange Mokete - hehehehe - r u colour blind? Pirates will be wearing pink next season and maybe they can get some silverware to blossom their cabinet



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