You guys are quiet - who died?

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dont you have work to do wena

Nope... Besides sitting and checking the artisans out through the blinds, there's not much to do.

Wena you responded -  so you also have no work to do?

hahahahaha ask shim

Just call Mpho a BEAU...he will back off!

Size 13 Lucky's beau ke Boom

Where on earth is that Boom bugger?

hahaha thats a cat and dog!

This name BEAU scares people off!!!

Hehehe... Does it scare you off too?

I'm a big man...


You sure are big... Size 13, I'm making you my beau as of today but you need to be warned because the following folks around here wont like it:


Soze - He admires me secretly and hides it by being mean to me most of the times.

Dr Boom - Oh well, like a dry leaf he is gone with the wind.

Mokete - My December one night stand...Kwaaaakwaaaakwaaa

Thabang - High school sweetheart, used to let me sleep on his chest during lunch... Kwaaaakwaaakwaaakwaa

Stonza - They say he has a big head and a headbutt from him can be lethal. Not forgetting tegh beak too...

Riskin - After too many space cakes he becomes a mean machine...

Kali - They call him the running man but a big fan of mine... :)


So many beaus... #shaking my head#




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