GI as Bafana Bafana coach....your judgement after his 12 games

12 games as Bafana coach, won - 4, lost-5 & drew 3....whats your view about Gordon "We played well" Ingusand? In 12 games that BB played under him, is there progress in BB? Do you agree with what the media sees in him that he is a mesiah? Do u agree with GI when he always says....we played well? If you were @ SAFA, would you keep him as BB coach until 2018?


Lets talk GI as Bafana coach since he took-over, 12 games is good enough to judge him.

12 games...

  • 4 won...33,3 %
  • 5 losses....41,7 %
  • 3 draws...25 %

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Fred you clearly have a problem with GI being the coach of Bafana who do you think would be the best candidate?

Burkina Faso, ranked number 92 in th world and playing away are in the final, people are telling us that South Africa playing at home and ranked in the 80's did well by reaching the quarter finals, who is fooling who here?

Fred, I also heard Sunday's comment, he was having a disguised dig at Gordon. I have said it before, other relying on motivation, Gordon has no tactical nous.

I read his comments on Laduma about anaerobic clap trap, what utter nonsense, trying to hide his failure to deliver on his agreed to, mandate!

For God's sake, he had to be told by Neil Tovey to drop an ineffective Tshabalala.



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