GI as Bafana Bafana coach....your judgement after his 12 games

12 games as Bafana coach, won - 4, lost-5 & drew 3....whats your view about Gordon "We played well" Ingusand? In 12 games that BB played under him, is there progress in BB? Do you agree with what the media sees in him that he is a mesiah? Do u agree with GI when he always says....we played well? If you were @ SAFA, would you keep him as BB coach until 2018?


Lets talk GI as Bafana coach since he took-over, 12 games is good enough to judge him.

12 games...

  • 4 won...33,3 %
  • 5 losses....41,7 %
  • 3 draws...25 %

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Interesting @ KICKOFF offices.....hope it's not racial but it seems like that. In social networks, their darkie staff like bo Zola Doda, TTM are all saying that GI failed at AFCON but whites especially Mellissa are saying the famous quote of "we played well" & that GI is the best thing to ever happen to Bafana. The office is divided but wonder where does their lier, the drunk in Proff fall as he is still not yet sober since festive

But Melissa is indian, isn't she?

So....she is black...sorry, I didn't know

Eish mara Fred!!!


hahaaaaa xapa Big Dude xapaaaaaa

Yes..Gordon did not perform on the mandate given to him. And he should be fired....question is who should take over the reigns at bafana think he should continue as a coach and be allowed to transition a better team least he managed to ensure BB scores something that Pitso struggled to ensure Bafana did in his tenure...also given the fact that he had 3 months with the team and managed to motivate the team to even reach the QF.

hehehe what are you saying na wena Zweli? conversations with yourself?

Is Nigeria @ it's best or are they facing the weak Mali team which BB failed to beat....the Mali team which the media is forcing us to believe that it's the best
What did Kheshi do deferent to GI.....Kheshi did his homework especially ka Mali's left back & the rest is history

Nigeria took their chances. Bafana Bafana dominated Mali in the 1st half and should have scored more than 1 goal in those 45 minutes.

On the news...Khesi said that he had people watching Bafana & Mali....they did they homework. Sunday Olishia also spoke about Mali weaknesses before the game & that's what Nigeria capitalized on



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