This has definately has to the pick of this international week.

My Take:-

It is expected that the Spainish midfield will run rings around that of Les Bleus - but if Pogba and Valbuena come to the party; I see the opposite happening.

The French defence has always been solid and now with the addition of Varane, it will dificult for the Spaniards to penetrate.

I also don't think that the Spanish defence will not cope with the treat of Benzema, especially on set pieces.

France to win this easy.


Are we gonna witness the beggining of 'the end of era' tonight? What do you think?

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It will be a close one, and I'm with you on the prediction for once- the French are not exactly a picture of confidence, but propelled by home support, might just sneak in an odd goal win. My heart says so, but my head says it could be a draw.

hahaha - for once?

Hehehe, we all know how your predictions turn out Jeff.

French-lot of brilliant players and lot of individual display,biggest culprits Ribery and Nasri...while Spain display a fluid game with lots of team work...i like France but i dont see them winning this one.

Watch this space Ntwana

I think France will run riot in attack!...BUT Spain last poor results will make them more hungrier!...I think this might be a high score draw!

So - is it fair to say both teams are evenly matched?

Anticipating a great game as well. With lots of goals.

I think so, Spain will need Villa to starting scoring, maybe now the coach will try guys like Isco- well that will be the end of France....It's gonna be a great game...

I havent watched France play in a while, is William Gallas still part of the French squad? If he is, then he will cost them a game with his schoolboy errors....

hahaha - Verane will cover him

What a player, that Verane neutralise Messi in two El Classicos....I hope Benzima start scoring....

Hehehehe "...if he is, then he will cost them a game with his schoolboy looks...." Okay Trevor.



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