Is this the weekend of fixtures we look back at and say these are the ones that secured Man U their  20th League Title?  City seem to have given up, Chelsea aren't giving up just yet and Raffa stays.  Villa are out the drop zone with their win.

Tottenham 2 - 1 Newcastle Utd  (Highlights)

Chelsea 4 - 1 Wigan  (Highlights)

Norwich 0 - 0 Fulham  (Highlights)

Stoke City 2 - 1 Reading  (Highlights)

Sunderland 0 - 1 Arsenal   (Highlights)

Swansea 4 - 1 QPR  (Highlights)

Southampton 3 - 1 Manchester City  (Highlights)

Aston Villa 2 - 1 West Ham  (Highlights)

Manchester United 2 - 0 Everton (Highlights)

Tonight’s Fixture

Liverpool vs West Brom

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Eish, its a forgone conclusion. They might as well send it to the engraver - at least to start with the name of the city its going to

Hehehe... Man City... That own goal was criminal...


Ryan Giggs turned on the magic against the Toffees and a very odd sight was RVP missing a one on one opportunity.


Rafa Benitez is f&*en racist! I recall how Babel used to be benched at Liverpool yet he was a much better player than most. Why is Ba on the bench and that untalented piece of shit Torres starting? Just saying... It took Ba minutes to score 2 goals for Chelsea but Torres matches before he could get one past a keeper, yet Rafa thinks he is all there is. And whats up with them not giving Lamps8 a deal. Rafa spoke about improving Lamps8, I mean WTF!!!


QPR is going down!


I agree with you:

1. That Chelsea own goal was well-placed hehehehe, goal of the season contender.

2. Hate them or love them, them Red Devils are just winning and can't seem to stop. Already champs.

3. Rafa is promoting his fellow Spaniard, and it sometimes backfires as we have seen. I don't see him continuing next season.

4. Arsenal....waste of words.

5. QPR still have a fighting chance. 2 wins can change the picture, but ja it doesn't look good.

6. Bale is from another world as well. Damn!

Go Gunners Go!!!

West Bromwich Albion stunned Liverpool with a 2-0 win at Anfield, soaking up 80 minutes of pressure from the inefficient hosts before scoring two late goals for its first Premier League victory since December.

Liverpool 0 - 2 West Brom (Goals)




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