29 January

EPL Results and Highlights


Aston Villa 1 - 2 Newcastle Utd  (Goals)

QPR 0 - 0 Manchester City  (Highlights)

Stoke City 2 - 2 Wigan  (Goals)

Sunderland 0 - 0 Swansea  (Highlights)

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But i blame Turnbill for yesterday's draw, you saw how he attempted to save the second goal?  kwakwa..kwikwi  haikhona

Yeah part of the blame is on him, but the defenders were caught ball watching... three reading players were not picked up inside the box...

the defenders assumed that they will clear the ball from that free kick especially Ivanovic.

They must never work on assumptions...

Very poor marking.

Every coach who tries to turn Chelsea into a passing team is bound to fail. Just stick to the old English approach and you'll be fine. As for Fat Rafa, he was always gonna fail from the start.

Surely there must have been freebies being handed out on the other side of the pitch because you can't have 3 players in the box who are not picked up.

Harry Redknap is working hard on the formula to get QPR out of relegation, but it is tough. He has not lost in the last 4 games and yet they are still at the bottom.

'Arry is trying, but he will need much more than new players- he needs to gel the team into a unit that can defend and attack. At the moment they are a defensive unit, which is good for starters.



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