29 January

EPL Results and Highlights


Aston Villa 1 - 2 Newcastle Utd  (Goals)

QPR 0 - 0 Manchester City  (Highlights)

Stoke City 2 - 2 Wigan  (Goals)

Sunderland 0 - 0 Swansea  (Highlights)

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City failed to close the gap temporary, ManU will try and make sure they win their game

Definitely! Big chance for Man U to race forward.

When I heard Mancini say ,"we will catch up when United drop points", I thought he was done dropping points for the season but we know what thought did.

Man City fumbled. Now United is going to stretch the gap


30 Jan EPL Results and Highlights


Arsenal 2 - 2 Liverpool  (Goals)

Everton 2 - 1 West Brom  (Goals)

Norwich 1 - 1 Tottenham  (Goals)

Fulham 3 - 1 West Ham  (Goals)

Manchester United 2 - 1 Southampton  (Goals)

Reading 2 - 2 Chelsea  (Goals)

Nxaaa, Arsenal is a disgrace. Were Liverpool a big team, they would have scored 5 goals in the first half. Jurgen Klopp should come coach Arsenal, with Arsene going back to France.

Arsenal is a classic example of attractive football with no good results....damn they can play. Really enjoy watching them play....Olivier and Lukas were flop signings as far as I'm concerned. They get way too many chances to shoot but they don't....

Olivier and Lukas were flop, based on what?

I'd say of the two, Podolski is a flop. He was already over-the-hill when signed, and he shines once in every 5/6 games. Embarrassing!

I enjoyed watching Arsenal in the second half, they were all over Liverpool. Arsene needs to buy a defensive midfielder, our central pairing is always found wanting.

Eish Chelsea.... Nxxx Rafa must go, I've never seen such a clueless coach like this one at Chelsea before



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