He's already well known for his explosive  temperament, but there were actual fireworks on Mario Balotelli's first evening  as an AC Milan player.

The striker, just off the plane to complete a £20m move from Manchester City, would have been hoping for a quiet meal with  club vice-president Adriano Galliani to help him settle in.

But Milan's fans had other ideas. Hundreds of  Ultras waving banners and setting off fireworks and flares gathered outside  Milan's Giannino Restaurant where he was set to dine with the club's hierarchy.

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Video of Police clashing with supporters:


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There was also a Napoli player who was a rakkie from the top drawer, I forgotten his name. A bald-headed freak with tattoos all over his body. That was a mad man.

Welcome home SuperMan...were you will show what u made off!!!!!.......always been your fan but u were playing for the team that i hate....

Give him few months, the very same fans will shower him with racist chants...

true that Mr Gupta,  can you donate some money to my party? kwakwa...kwikwi

Consider it done baba, I will sign a blank cheque for you... you will put the figures hehehehe

would i need to declare to the Public Protector before the opposition ask for an inquiry calling it Weedgate?  kwakwakwa.....kwikwikwi

Weedgate? Kwaaaa... you better do that declaration... hehehehe

hahahahahahahahaha weedgate

kwakwa..kwikwikwi  have you noticed how many gates do we have lately? haikhona.

I see now the gate thing is the order of the day after the BENNETGATE has topped the charts these past few days hahahahahaha

kwakwakwa...kwikwikwi,  loyo yena needs an inquiry, angeke, nxx

This Mario dude is yet to make a name for himself on the field of play. He has not shown any superiority for me.

Anyway, these are the same Italians who will be hurling racist chants at him after few games



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