He's already well known for his explosive  temperament, but there were actual fireworks on Mario Balotelli's first evening  as an AC Milan player.

The striker, just off the plane to complete a £20m move from Manchester City, would have been hoping for a quiet meal with  club vice-president Adriano Galliani to help him settle in.

But Milan's fans had other ideas. Hundreds of  Ultras waving banners and setting off fireworks and flares gathered outside  Milan's Giannino Restaurant where he was set to dine with the club's hierarchy.

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Video of Police clashing with supporters:


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Now thats what I'm talking about... Break a leg Super Mario...

What a reception, damn this guy is indeed Super!!!!!!!

Hehehe... Atleast he got something to brag about... Messi and Ronaldo never had this in their careers! He is already a cult hero though he hasnt kicked a ball for them yet... Hehehehe... Legendary stuff...

True, Mario has something about him that draws people into him, i think he rebel like mentality resonates with many people. truly legendary!

kwakwa..kwikwiwki, that's a lie Lucky, Ronaldo was unveiled at Barnabeu

So was Kaka, Ozil, etc... It was not this kind of reception Soze...

it's worse than this kind of reception Lucky

Super indeed he just needs to get his head right.

Hehehehehehe people hate to love this boy. He is one of a kind.

Yeah... He is one of a kind indeed...

Honestly I like the rebellious side of him if there is any other side though. But I wish he could take it easy in the field of play and be more professional.

Maybe this move can be good for him... Most Italian players have hot heads, he might fit in the saddle and people may just realise that he is not that different afterall. Think of gattuso - Never a cool head in the field, a serious asshole but some of us rate him amongst the best. AC MILAN may just be it for Super Mario...



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