I wonder if its the management who doesnt handle things professional when come to negotiating for players they want. It started with Mayembela and they said its done deal

Followed by Nale, they said they are close to a deal but nothing happened

Mabizela was said to have sealed the deal but at the end it fell through.

Now as usualy they are closing on Peterson deal and its been four days still nothing is hapening.. My question is why do they rush to close deals on media before they sign on paper with both club and player??

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Mayambela didnt want to go to Chippa but Chippa was trying to get Mayambela interested in playing for him...get it my friend?

As that is the fact when they realised that he was not willing they let it go and mind you this was in response to the post

hehehehehehehe how do u determine that a player has the interest of that team at heart before signing sorry to not have been aware of this but in my world money talks bulshit walks....

thats my question exactly

Sundowns is said to do it every time, so why not?

Poor Chippa...

Chippa has a big mouth!!

Mpengesi must learn to finalise things in office first  then go to media.

Look at how are Amatuks are running their club, its like they have been in the PSL for years, there are even better than Leopards in doing their things


He..he..hee.heee   the next thing we will hear that Loius Saha is a done deal, watch the space



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