I wonder if its the management who doesnt handle things professional when come to negotiating for players they want. It started with Mayembela and they said its done deal

Followed by Nale, they said they are close to a deal but nothing happened

Mabizela was said to have sealed the deal but at the end it fell through.

Now as usualy they are closing on Peterson deal and its been four days still nothing is hapening.. My question is why do they rush to close deals on media before they sign on paper with both club and player??

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Even Erwin Isaacs was done deal.

remember that these guys are new to the PSL and are swimming with the sharks...they are finding it hard to do what they thought would be easy to...i think the players tauted for this team are not keen to be relegated come the end of the is too high a risk for them...

Lack of maturity.

Still learning, don't be too harsh on them!!

Chippa is spaza shop finish n klaar.

At Chippa the player has to show he is willing to die for the team not just try to make a quick buck while waiting for the right team.

how so? how long is the player given to show this before he is signed?

The attitude of the player, look at Mayambela and his actions and tell me if he had Chippa at heart

Riskin, whats wrong with you my friend....?  what you are saying makes no sense...players have choices and all of them think of themselves before the club that wants them...a player will go to a team where he believes his career will be enhanced

Mayambela thinks Chiefs will offer him a deal... Talk of a dreamer...

lets wait and see...maybe someone met him at the toilet of a night club and promised him a move...

So you are telling me that a club will sign a player that shows he is not committed from the word go?

I don't know which part does not make sense to you but a club will sign a player that has got their interests at heart otherwise what is the point



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