But that was yesterday's game which Chiefs won, congrats to them. even though the referee needs to be punished for not giving Rusike a yellow card for simulation and remonstarting in demand of a penalty. that is a yellow card offense, no discussions about it. you could argue that he deserved a penalty earlier, but that is not the issue because the referee did not give it, therefor his actions deserved to be punished and the referee showed favouritism.


Back to today's matches

Moroka Swallows Vs Platinum Stars                0-2
Chippa United Vs Mamelodi Sundowns       0-3
Bidvest Wits Vs Free State Stars               2-1
Bloemfontein Celtic Vs Black Leopards                2-1
Golden Arrows Vs

Orlando Pirates               1-3


How do you see tonight matches?

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Lucky, wena uyingwababane, all this beau's? you wanna cause fights in here? you do not like teh peace the reigns here? aks somebody else to decode for you what "Ingwababane" is if you do not know.................Hehehehehehhehehehehehe

Hehehe... Hahahaha!

I can't help it - they are the one's that keep on throwing themselves at me.


1.) beau Thabang - I know he is my high school krush and I think it dawned on him who I really am and he is trying to win me over in his own way...

2.) Beau Mokete - He invited himself on a public platform to my house and threatened that I will be on the wheelchair after he is done with me, oh well, the weekend is gone and I'm still standing...

3.) Beau Riskin - Always tries to get me high when he wants to make a pass. Throwing himself at me...

4.) Beau Soze - He always has something negative to say but then he knows how appealing that it, so he uses it as a charm.


I only mentioned 4, but you know how many TKO members have secretly fallen in love with me. Are you sure you don't belong on the list yourself?


Hehehehehehe! Don't blame me, blame Cupid for hitting their butts with love portioned arrows. Kwaaaa!

hahahha Yha nhe Lucky heheheh ehehe Yho mandoyiswe... So wena and Thabang? hahaha reminds me of Thabang aka Thiza from Yhizo Yhizo...

Hawu Soze heheh hehehe .. Hahaha Hlokolozing hehehe

kwakwa...kwikwikwi,  eish Bheki, talk of hypocrites, nxx

NO NO NO Mbesumas goal was not disallowed , The goal never happen in fact that was a bookable offence...
Mbesuma got the ball the the ref blew his whistle for an offside. Whether Mbesuma took the ball with his hands and went home with it that would have been irrelevant... Stop saying a disallowed goal... 

"Whether Mbesuma took the ball with his hands and went home with it that would have been irrelevant".....HAHAHAHAHA

haha What else must be said to make this clear...
Think its the olympics final and on the start the gun goes and then the one for false start sounds but Tyson Gay runs to the finish, Would that make his finish more relevant or true compared to the false start sound...

The whisttle blew every one stopped and Only the Mbesuma ran to score no one marked him. Didnt the whole thing seem odd to him?

does simulation deserve a yellow card and does remonstration deserve a yellow card, i thought that's what the author was illustrating but then again, the defense mode is on the rise in this forum. If you think Amazulu would not have gained advantage if Chiefs players where cautioned, shut up. me simulation it was but it was not given as a dive but a goal the ref saw nothing with that are you saying remonstration is not a bookable offence Sfiso?

it is a bookable offence, ref's decision is final and we all know that rule

Thank You...i wasnt changing people's mind but stating my own understanding of the game thats all...

If we can agree that he should have been booked for arguing with the ref then I understand but for simulation I would need more than arm twisting to agree to that



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