Chiefs contributes both to Bafana wins and loses.

Hehehehehehe people get angry when we count Chiefs players in the underperforming Bafana BaChiefs? I mean we dont hear the end of it when this joke national team wins, people telling us that Chiefs won when excited about beating helpless Mozambique. Why not take the credit also when things go astray. Hehehehehe obviously CHiefs is the only team in the big three that Gordon is yet to coach the soft spot is understandable but lets mention Chiefs win or loose if its compulsory to do that. All Chiefs players were aweful in our last game and I dont see that changing. Majoro is only good for PSL Jimmy Kauleza version,Parker hehehehe this punk is just not good enough no wonder he couldnt make it in te Dutch league. Shabba a lot has been said about this lad I wont say anything Yeye his passes are just wayward sometimes I gues stage freight is a problem maybe we can only expect champaigne passes when he plays against Chippa and Amazulu. Hehehehe I hear people saying Thabo must be replaced by Chester really?

I can't wait for this tournament to end to save the country from further embarassment. We will forever host tournaments and qualify as hosts. Gordon I'm so dissapointed in u, not only during games but also during interviews. The things you say in the media, one would swear english is your third language because you say things that you can't even understand yourself nor repeat. Dude you have lost it.

Getting through the first round will need Madela's magic. We playing home for God sake, where were you when Equitorial Gunea and Garbon played their hearts out infront of their home fans? Damn we are an embarassment to the whole world.

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Hehehe, who called it a recipe, or are you missing the neighbourhood KFC joint?

Like I said before

A nation that is divided  is a nation that stands united in defeat.

Eish clown such a below par level of thinking The El Chapo will not debate the content of this discussion but The El Chapo is a bit worried about the level of thinking of the clown who posted it.

"BHAKABHAKA" As Mbesuma scores for Zambia against Khune.




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