Brazil squad:

Goalkeepers: Diego Alves (Valencia), Cassio (Corinthians), Jefferson (Botafogo).

Defenders: Daniel Alves (Barcelona), Marcelo (Real Madrid), Alex Sandro (Porto), Adriano (Barcelona), Thiago Silva (PSG), David Luiz (Chelsea), Rever (Atletico-MG), Dede (Vasco).

Midfielders: Sandro (Tottenham), Paulinho (Corinthians), Ramires (Chelsea), Arouca (Santos), Romulo (Spartak), Oscar (Chelsea), Lucas (Sao Paulo).

Forwards: Leandro Damiao (Internacional), Neymar (Santos), Hulk (Porto), Jonas (Valencia).

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Yoh! Brazil is taking their 2014 WC preparations very seriously mos! I just hope we don't lose by more than 3 goals in this game.

Looks like Pato, Robinho and Maicon are being trimmed out of the squad!

Pato is injured and I think Maicon and Robinho had their best years past them now. Brazil will never run out of talent, they can assemble 3 formidable national teams

Bafana Bafana will win this game there is no way Brazil can beat us the best they can come out with is a draw, We are South Africans we excell in everything we beat the world best all the time, Ask Tiger Woods, Micheal Phelps, New Zeland rugby team, England cricket team, rowers, Dakar Rally drivers. South Africa will beat this Brazilian clowns, Gordon is the man to take us to the promised land, Bafana Bafana will never walk alone while The El Chapo is still around, Brazil is going down like Pele did on his first sexual encounter hehehehehehehe.

Now thats the spirit short one...

Its possible...

You clowns in TKO should know that South Africans are never underdogs, Brazil won't win, If they win The EL Chapo will shave his beard.

Then you better start buying the shacing blades, my friend.

Thats the spirut we had ka Bafana ka 1996....we believed in ourselves

hehehehe! What's the story about Pele's first sexual encounter?

Hehehe! He said it himslef Pele... It was a man... :) Kwaaa!

Oscar, Neymar and Hulk will kill Bafana Bafana

This Neymar is still to convince me, he is just ordinary.

When you compare him to Ronaldo and Messi he is just ordinary but that boy is something else...I have manage to watch him at Santos when I'm bored ...Yho!.....He is a danger- hard to mark him because he is a tricky lad.....



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