"No, I do not think Benni is fit enough to play any competitive matches at the moment," says De Saster-

Not me but his coach said it - Would only change ‘at the moment’ to ‘period’ on that statement. I said it before, though.

That fat slob should just hang up his boots.

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You obsessed with Benni boetie and its not funny anymore.

Bathong - De Sa said it, not me


RDS knows which side of his bread is buttered and doesn't wanna risk his injury-prone star striker in a tough international tournament. How else do you explain Benni's selection and substitute appearance, sanctioned by the same RDS, in the derby match that was watched by more than half a billion people worldwide a fortnight ago?

Logic is dead in some other people Juju dont stress.

I rather have dead logic than try convince myself with this bile

Because he's not fit enough.......duh!

You got a point there Falaza...

I think RDS is exercising caution here, but I need Benni in Bafana...

hahaha - you must be joking

Hehehe... I'm dead serious Jeff. having him around wont be a bad idea at all. His advise to the likes of Mphela and Parker would be crucial.

Sound like you want him in the coaching capacity?

Yeah... Its a great idea...

SO in other words RDS like Baxter is "concerned" about the AFCON but chose a different way to voice his concern?



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