"No, I do not think Benni is fit enough to play any competitive matches at the moment," says De Saster-

Not me but his coach said it - Would only change ‘at the moment’ to ‘period’ on that statement. I said it before, though.

That fat slob should just hang up his boots.

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For as long as we still want to hang too long on to those "Old Timers" in our football and those uneducated "former prisoners" in our government, this country is going nowhere.


Time to build our future good people... if we call Benni, let us then also call Lekgwathi, Benson, etc. Experience? Oh God dont end the world, Mphela and Parker can offer the likes of Rantie the same guidence. Rather drift Benni in as a strikers coach, if we have to.

Well, that would work, its actually a great idea. It won't happen though... :)

Well some Alpha Cement Orlando Pirates fans think Benni is the best striker we have. I think he is the best striker we once had.

Do you have to be fit to score goals via bicycle kick?

No, but goals are not only scored "via bicycle kick"

Eish Emperor sometimes

Benni can still find the back even at his present state of fitness or lack of. I can see him in a supersub role doing 15 minute cameos.

One player that should insipre Benni is Mbesuma. You can tell that he has worked very hard,he is fit,quick and looking mean. That's the reaction you want from a seasoned player after gaining weight for whatever reason,commitment and hard work   Benni is letting himself down and the nation,because i think he can offer the nation a lot.

Hehehe! I think you meant LEAN... Kwaaaa!

Ja that as well.hahahaa!


Merry Christmas Everbody...see you in the new year.

Stay blessed and be safe



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