BAFANA Bafana have rejected any advances for bonuses in the Africa Cup of
Nations, with the players stating that they will only look to get paid if they
qualify for the quarter-finals. Even if they win their 1st 2 games they do not want to get anything.

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Good team spirit

This is just a trap to get us behind the team.

I'm the football supporter, i don't need traps to get behind my National team.

hehehehehe well said

It shows there are not there for money but have a winning mentality...good approach!

Stop the negativiy have you not had enough of it, what Bafana have done here is to extend an olive branch to the nation that whatever they are doing they are not doing it for money but for their nation and you still find fault c'mon on guys.

A nation that stands divided  shall stand united in defeat.

And since this is a "good" move by the team it hasn`t really gotten much attention from our usually negative journalists. Had it been a strike for bonuses every journalist and his dog would have something to say about it.

Good spirit by the boys, Bafana Bafana SIYAVENA this time!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to the players that have instilled the DTC mentality in this team,i can see the way forward.

Bafana are going to win this thing

if it isnt the bald freak.....which thing wena?

Take a wild guess



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