According to their Captain and PRO bucs are representing the nation and need support of all soccer lovers. I think differently. To me Pirates are representing themselves and their supporters.


If they win that second star everyone else will be told how mighty Pirates is.


Fred once told us to shut up since we have no knowledge of this competition. I will do as such

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Bucs never get your support anyway. You will see many gold and black supporters supporting the Egypians come Sunday. Lucky must forgive & forget. It will never happen.

We would be crazy to expect anything good coming from Chiefs fans.

The feeling is mutual. Damn some Pirates fans refused to support Bafana during the AFCON after Benni wasn`t selected.

Pirates fans refused to support a team that had virtually no player from treble winners. I sympathised with them.

100% Kali

I don't care about a Zebra support- they must shove it....

I will be supporting Pirates on Sunday. Yes they are playing for themselves, but I believe they will be doing Mzansi a whole lot of good.

Our fellow African brothers and sisters now have no respect for SA football and I don't blame them. Pirates are working hard to bring that pride back.

themselves,if they get second star to whom they will make noise to?

Definetely not you, since you an alien...

They will making noise to themselves since they would have won the star for themselves my engine shaped head....!

Pirates are South African team, they represent both themselves and South Africa, if they do well in the competition, South Africa not Pirates will have 2 teams representing, when they win, they will have a star as their reward.......!

I dont want them
Shap Al Ahly Shaaaaaapaaaa!!!



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