In the latest edition of KickOff, Issue # 385, pg 17, Andile Jali brags that he has dated more than two girlfriends since joining Orlando Pirates. This is when the country needs role models to help youngsters to stick to one partner in the fight against AIDS.

Multiple con-current partners have been fingered to spread the disease. Our statistics on HIV & AIDS are sky high, yet Jali has the temerity to boast about his irresponsible exploits. You will do well my boy to remember that we lost our brand manager, Zodwa Khoza to the disease. She unfortunately contracted it on 'her marital bed'. You might be using 'protection' but that latex rubber is man-made and can easily burst.

Wise up my boy and stick to one partner. We do not want to send condolences and money to trust funds when you die a pauper. Take advice from Thabang Lebese who blew his money on hos. Monate ga o fele go fela motho mpintshi yaka.

El Babuino, The Slick Baboon

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Its a given that HIV- Aids stats are very high and that it call for more responsible behaviour from our soccer players, as they are seen as Heroes by up and coming youth, however i would like to extent this responsibility to each and every one including yourself Mr Busnero...........Be the change that you would like to see in the World.
Did Jali say he slept with more than two girls or he said he "dated"? don't jump into conclusions Busnero. A person can date a girl but not sleep with her, ask Mzukisi.....hehehehehehe
Eish ntwana some people abafundi yazi nX!
Hehehehehe hey wena Trevor, watch it... Good morning "The Truth" aka (Bishop Nkosi)
is it Truth or Trueth?? just asking..
Trueth hahaha
but Parys....u cannot change how Tim and Mzu write it....RESPECT them ok!!!!
Ok since they are so called "Legends"
hehe i didn't know ke dilegends tsa Vasco Da Gama
Ke di legends tsa TDS.



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