Someone make a group for TKO. Mokete? Tim? Kaizer? Come on, Venda Warthogs FC are waiting to take this league jus like last time.

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Neither Supersport nor Superbru, is running a fantasy league. It’s only the prediction game.

There is an ACN fantasy league at

I have just created a league, here's a code

11907387399082, invite your mates to join I don't have time to promote it.



After the first round, this is TKO members standings (Grumpy Old Men from TKO League)

Venda Warthogs FC at number 3 (Swahombe)

Kagiso's Stars and FC Amadoda sharing number 5. (Kagiso Rammusi) and Mcebo respectively

Fokol FC position 11... How the mighty have fallen, coached by Mokete Sethunya

Butt Kickers FC at number 23... Lol (Jeffrey Makena)


Round 2 starts today... Touch Let's Go. Update your teams 

All these guys are getting beaten by a girl named Previous, with a team called Beauty of Mzansi (Number 4)

Chief, what's with the discrimination. I'm number 1.

So you are the one warming my seat. Route 1 FC leading currently.

You should raise your hand, we didnt know it was you boss.

Watch FC WhatWhat after the second round.

FC WhatWhat can only jump over Malema Shooters FC (Tim Kokela). Hahahahahaha What a name!!!

Haai... I clicked on the link and I saw the reg form too long and decided not to play any AFCON fantasy leagues...

Yeses. Ivory Coast messed up the round for me, 4 players and 3 didnt even play.



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