I know we are all Bafana supporters and lovers, but it will not play all the time.

So which other team do you support besides your first choice (Bafana) in AFCON?

Ba-Ghana Ba-Ghana is my team :)


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Your kid plays for Angola and he is the veteran in the team!!

Hahahaha, think a very beautiful lady about 5 years back and you have your answer.

hehehe what, you helped her find direction and when she wanted to reward you, you just asked for a horse biltong and you got so happy with nc nc nc

Hehehe, for a man who habitually uses his own mouth to pleasure himself, you can be quite ignorant!

hahahahahahahahahaha please allow me hahahahahahahahahahaha hehehehehehehehehehe hahahahahahahahahaha hehehehehehehehe hahahahahahahaha

Hehehe, upon seeing the Ethiopian women on-screen yesterday, the Newbie character was very excited! "Damn, those women, they look sooo attractive, imagine them cooking you a nice meal!". When I asked him about their bedroom prowess, he was quite surprised! "Kali, don't tell me in 2013 you still need a woman to pleasure you!". Hehehehehehe

this information is distorted by this monkey with no tail for sure, you come here with your twisted version of the conversation.

I said "Funny that question comes from a man who gets pleasure from the horses mouth"  Sies on you

Ethiopia and DRC



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