I know we are all Bafana supporters and lovers, but it will not play all the time.

So which other team do you support besides your first choice (Bafana) in AFCON?

Ba-Ghana Ba-Ghana is my team :)


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None until Bafana bomb out.

hahaha 1st Choice- Bafana

         2nd Choice- Bafana

         3rd Choice- Pirates

iBhakaniya lesenhliziyweni, it's a calling boy

I'll go for Zambia for the mere fact that they are SADC representatives besides us.

At the last AFCON i supported Zambia as well until they won it and the likes of Katongo and Mweene had a lot to say about how the win was for Zambians and not SADC especially not South Africa and the way they dissed our players.

hahaha so never again!!!

Never again. They irritated the shit out of me.

especially Chris, nxxx

If you adopt a team you must also attend its matches at the stadium.

don't have to attend but have to watch it on tv, follow it!!

How will that make a difference??

I will only adopt if Bafana gets eliminated, for now its Bafana one way!



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