While he was elated with the result, the lanky marksman had some less than complimentary words about the playing surface.

“Once again we are in Africa - Afcon is a big tournament for Africa - the whole world are watching this, you can’t play on a pitch like this.

“To be honest with you I’m very sorry but it’s a disgrace for our continent to be playing on this pitch when it’s on the TV around the world.”

Hehehehehehehe Loving this. when Katongo said it, people said he was making excuses for losing, what do you say now that Adebayor who's team progressed to the knockout stages after playing brilliant football and nearly got robbed by Daniel Bennet? khulumani phela?

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This Mishin guy is a genuine idiot, nothing more nothing less. And people have the nerve to insult Tim!

hahahahahahahaha I hope this will be the Friday we all have been waiting for

Semi-final might be taken to Cape because of the Mbombela pitch

Fred, how is that possible when tickets have been sold, hotels and flights booked?

I have heard that Stadium management have promised to FIX the pitch by raking out the sand that was used to kill off the algae growth.

The stadium management have promised to sort the problem out...

that will be the honest thing to dot...they shud accept they were wrong and work on it...



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