While he was elated with the result, the lanky marksman had some less than complimentary words about the playing surface.

“Once again we are in Africa - Afcon is a big tournament for Africa - the whole world are watching this, you can’t play on a pitch like this.

“To be honest with you I’m very sorry but it’s a disgrace for our continent to be playing on this pitch when it’s on the TV around the world.”

Hehehehehehehe Loving this. when Katongo said it, people said he was making excuses for losing, what do you say now that Adebayor who's team progressed to the knockout stages after playing brilliant football and nearly got robbed by Daniel Bennet? khulumani phela?

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Hehehe, whilst he couldn't possibly be accused of sour grapes, perhaps Sheyi was trying very hard not to point fingers at Mr Bennet's atrocious officiating and joined the bandwagon of bashing our iconic stadium's innovative introduction of (sand) bunkers into soccer!

Daniel Bennet is a criminal. it shows that the standard of reffereeing is  very poor in SA.

The pitch baba, Daniel Bennet will be dealt with separately, what do you say about the pitch?

the less said about that pitch the better Mnaka, i mean we played PSL games there and the pitch was good not to mention the WC. now it boggles my mind that the LOC allows games to be played there. 

Daniel is not the best ref in SA.

South Africans are generally "homotional" and hypocritical. Chris Katongo was right but, as usual, South Africans blew it out of context.


Mbonbela stadium is a disgrace to Africans, nevermind the few sober and soundminded South Africans.

This is different Katongo was asked about his team perfomance and he blamed the pitch, we all agree that the Mbombela pitch is not up to scratch!!!! I hope CAF and the LOC will be pro active and resechedule the semi to either PE or Rustenburg!!

There's no difference, Katongo had hoped that during all his interviews somebody will pick up on the issue of the stadium but nobody did, whether through CAF instruction or ignorance nobody knows, so he used that opportunity to address the matter and people should not have responded emotionally to it and tried to be defensive as they did. it was a simple matter but people wanted to find fault in a veiled defense of the pitch, others went as far as saying Lusaka stadium isn't anything better anyway, which was totally out of context.


And Mbombela sadle payed money for the games, CAF has no choice except one, pay Mbombela back some of their money, refund or arrange transportation for those already with tickets, pay hotel bookings penalties for cancellation etc. logistically and financially LOC and CAF will not survive!

What about our tickets? We have a QF and SF that are long awaited in these parts. Prior to WC 2010 Mbombela was in the news when they uprooted and relayed a different variant of grass a few weeks before kick-off. I wonder if they couldn't possibly do what was done to FNB following Lady Gaga's concert

i think Bobby should be afforded an opportunity to say one or two about the state of the pitch

Hehehehehheheehhhe Bobby Mr President, as in Bobby Motaung? hehehehehheeh

i honestly think it will be fair, cos this might be the new system he invented



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