A recent survey conducted by Markinor shows that 1 out of 3 Chiefs supporters is as stupid as the other

Do you agree? Feel free to let me know.

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Lemme guess, you just bought a bullet-proof vest and are itching to test its effectiveness?

he he he he,...... My bullet proof is non-other than the Almighty God!

But truely speaking, i really miss the PSL action, i cant wait to see my team turning the tables and reclaiming the number 1 spot.....

Hehehe... Soze has forgotten that a bullet proof vest doesn't protect his head and feet

This is not Soze wena... are you drunk? hehehe 

who is Soze...????????

Hehehe... They are using the same profile pic maan, who are you JB? Are you by any chance from Diepsloot?

Who i am?
Im JB Sikhosana............ what more do you want kanti mfethu.....?

Where are you from baba?

Ja neh the standard of this forum is dropping by day nxa!!!

It surely is turning into a laduma where insults are the order of the day it is going to the dogs

what is this thing? nxxxx, soo obsessed with chiefs, no brains to use...nxaaaa Punk

you guys, how dare you insult a legend? Ola Legs of thunder!



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