Apparently the world is ending again on Friday (21/12/2012). It's a wrap!!!

How are you gonna spend your last day guys.

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hahah ahha  Where did you t that now hehehe

It's all over the internet, Nostradamus predictions and Mayans calenders etc.

You sound scared... It's a wrap!

haha ahaha i dont scare easily..
If its true iether will die having tor Driving home hehehe no better way to die ...

its not the end of the world...its the end of their calendar....mxm Mayans...

Hahahahaha. I wish there could be a little earthquake. We would see wonders

NatGeo is sensationalising this whle thing. I was also glued up to the TV screen and they were also giving 10 catastrophes that will wipe us out. Its just crazy. The Mayan prophesies are just rubbish, but then they could accurately predict the future by reading the stars, maybe people should be scared...

NatGeo are killing me with that thing always showing on top of their screen, "4 Days Left To The End",

today its written "3 Days Left To The End"

Hehehe the world is ending madzala, I'm at the church paving my way to heaven. I suggest you too gents get closer to your maker


Where are the Mayans?

Central America

Good question, Emperor, the Mayans are extinct, somehow their 'accurate' astrological calendar failed to foresee the demise of their own civilisation that took place more than half a millennium ago!



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