Apparently the world is ending again on Friday (21/12/2012). It's a wrap!!!

How are you gonna spend your last day guys.

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And these heathens are already celebrating. The world ends tonight

Hehehe... Nah... There's no world thats ending... Its amazing that there's people who believe the world would come to an end...

True though. It will never end. 

Saturday is the end of the world futhi after the Bafana Bafana game against Malawi! I really enjoyed myself izolo! FREE beers & free food! Ke Decembeer Boss!

Black people and their love for free things... Haai! hahahahaha!

Thank God i don't belief in all this sh**.

Rumour is that all this is happening in VEGAS but as we all know....what happens in VEGAS stays in VEGAS, so we are safe....worse, am more safe cause am now in LIMPOPO & we all know that things come very late here, they also have a way of controlling nature...ask Chiefs

Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa are you saying Swahombe is the prince of Venda



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