The 2013 AFCON journey is coming to an end on Sunday & there is no better way of ending the tournament with 2 on-form teams in the final....Nigeria & Burkina Faso. Again its great to see an African in Kheshi in the final...I can't wait for Sunday.


Nigeria did well with unknown players & black African coach to reach the final & it will be good to see them lifting the trophy in SA, where they still claim they could have won it in 1996 but I dont see them stopping Burkina Faso which have fighting spirit. I put my "balls"on the block for the UPPER VOLTA to lift the cup on Sunday


  • Hope CAF appoint great ref who will not spoil the game.

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i just hope to enjoy the Closing Ceremony and hopefully we won't park 10 k's away from the stadium, nxxxx.  and pleassseee, NO RAIN this time.


as for the game, i doubt i would be watching it.

Hahaaa....kante what will u be doing @ FNB or whatever it's called?

kwakwa..kwikwi,  i'll be fishing

Puff n pass tsotsi #InZola`svoice#.....for your info Soze there will be as many Ethiopians as you wish there...

Pitroipa Burkina Faso star is cleared to play in Final, as Ref admits he made a mistake booking him for diving

is it official??

Yes it's official....the ref have apologized

yeah i know he did but last time i hear caf was to make a decision on that,,was just wondering if they had made it oficial yet...good for burkinabe

Eish hope Burkina Faso win this game.

its going to be a tough one......but i believe since afcon was moved to odd numbers- its goin to be won by first timers.... its going to be Burkinabe one botswana shud get in there

burkina- jersey 22-12-11-15...look out for these

Drumzz i saw Jonathan and what he can do but that number 22 might be the unsung hero if the manage to beat Nija......

oh yah that no 22 is troublesome problem was he wasted a lot of chances,if he can hit target this time



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